Incentive trips with included social activities demonstrate your entrepreneurial responsibility


Enhance the value for extraordinary performance by adding a social component to your incentives.

By taking on social responsibility, your employees have the chance to contribute to a better world personally, and very immediate here and now. You are giving the participants a chance to share their success with the people in need and show responsibility and dedication. Including the CSR component also gives your incentive trip a very different quality and focus with which your company will show a convincing commitment on the outside and will thus win praise and respect.

Social commitment for a worthy cause“feels good”!


To “lend a hand“ is the most obvious way of showing that someone is still down to earth and not shy of real work. Including a CSR action is proof of a successful company that is aware of its social and environmental responsibility.

CSR incentives give priority to the “worthy cause“: The responsible, social commitment in combination with personal efforts.

The social aspects of the trip will stay in your mind forever and make all the difference….


What more is there to tell about another paradise island with endless beaches? How is world luxury to be defined in the modern world anyway?

To experience things, on the other hand, means to take part in something bigger, to give something a shape, something new – discoveries and adventures that are surely different from the daily work. Tobecomesocially engaged together with other people will intensify impressions and build up a sense of team spirit. All of the above in connection with a very special destination generates unique experiences that the participants are not shy of sharing with others because they have enriched their lives! 

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Masai School in Tanzania
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