What Speaks for CSR Incentives?


A lot of changes have taken place in the last couple of years concerning the event and incentive sector. A broad discussion about the moral and ethics of corporate events was brought up, caused by a few black sheep and the escalations of such. It was also formerly questioned whether those incentive trips meet the standards of the corporate governance rules.

Therefore, incentive trips that include a social commitment are a very good opportunity to demonstrate that it is not all about pure fun and luxury, but a shared experience where the main focus lies on helping and sharing.

We make sure that our programmes are appealing to the participants, so they are motivated for and challenged to an outstanding work performance. We do this by combining the CSR activities with breathtaking sights of the given destination. it is especially in those developing and emerging nations that one can find stunning natural and cultural highlights that are absolutely worth a visit.

There are many reasons to include CSR into your incentives:


  • Sensible measures as a positive sign for progress and to give a guideline to the local community as how to help themselves.
  • Responsible and respectful travel programme.   
  • Experience a target region in a positive way through personal efforts of each and every group member.
  • CSR shows entrepreneurial and personal responsibility, not only within the staff but also to the exterior.
  • The CSR activities can be chosen according to existing principles of the company, or can be an add-on to given CSR measures.
  • CSR incentives are suited well for internal communication, with convincing reports and photos to illustrate the social commitment. 
  • Social skills are regarded as one of the most important features of people in management positions. 
  • The combination of CSR activities to provide an insight into the social situation, and the visit of the touristic highlights paint a comprehensive picture of the target country.


CSR Project in Namibia